ODDWORLD FOOD POSTERS (Meech Munchies, Scrab cakes, Paramite Pie ect) ALL OVER PRINT LANYARD


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Collection of food posters on a lanyard.

Meech Munchies
Scrab cakes
Paramite Pie
Elum Chubs
Mudokon Pops
'Something New N Tasty'

Goes nicely with our pin badges!

Material: Polyester with metal and plastic parts.
Food posters on one side. Rupture Farms logo on the other.
Includes safety clip.
Quick and easy ID detachment.
Comes with plastic ID pouch.

Size: 2.5 cm Width - 45 cm length + 14cm extra dangly bit (including safety clip).
Circumference: 83 cm.
Plastic ID pouch size: 6.5 x 11 cm outside (6 x 9 cm inside)